Are You Ready for a New Era in Healthcare?

Winalite International specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative healthcare products.


Through its principal product, Love Moon Anion sanitary pads, Winalite International has already grown exponentially and received tremendous global recognition.

Winalite International has more than 500,000 business partners globally



Patent and certificates: FDA, CE

    • Patent certificates
    • ISO Accreditation (Chinese and English editions)
    • CQGC quality standard
    • Guangdong Credit Model Enterprise
    • China Key Protected New Brand
    • ‘High-Tech Product’ by World Institute of Chinese Medicine
    • Top Ten Trusted Sanitary Products
    • China Top Ten Favored Brand
    • High-Quality & Trusted Brand in China Market
    • Consumer Rights Protection Credible Enterprise
    • The Only Official Product of the Sixth Asian Winter Games
    • National Women’s Welfare Benevolent Star

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